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Why Brilliency

On August 14, 2003, I was attending a meeting 25 miles from home. That afternoon a software glitch, some untrimmed trees and heightened demand for air conditioning in the hot weather allowed power lines to sag. As the hot afternoon wore on, they sagged low enough to contact trees. The lights…

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Brilliency Adopts DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program

Cleveland, Ohio – April 6, 2019 -- Brilliency is proud to announce its particiation in DataGuard, a code of conduct that utilities and other energy companies voluntarily agree to follow. As an adopter of DataGuard, Brilliency certified that it is following the principles and guidelines…

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What is blockchain?

Decentralized Write-only Ledger

The blockchain is a decentralized, write-only ledger. Picture an old fashioned accounting ledger book. Entries can be written, but not changed or erased. Of course, if someone has physical control over a ledger book they could try to erase or change a record or…

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