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Brilliency Acknowledged as an Energy Efficiency Gamification Sample Vendor in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Utility Industry IT, 2019

“Named a Sample Vendor for Energy Efficiency Gamification”

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Why Brilliency

On August 14, 2003, I was attending a meeting 25 miles from home. That afternoon a software glitch, some untrimmed trees and heightened demand for air conditioning in the hot weather allowed power lines to sag. As the hot afternoon wore on, they sagged low enough to contact trees. The lights…

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Brilliency Adopts DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program

Cleveland, Ohio – April 6, 2019 -- Brilliency is proud to announce its particiation in DataGuard, a code of conduct that utilities and other energy companies voluntarily agree to follow. As an adopter of DataGuard, Brilliency certified that it is following the principles and guidelines…

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4 Critical Questions Every Utility Provider Needs to Ask

A digital watershed is happening beneath the footings of every utility. From new technologies that monitor and control to the communication demands of savvy consumers for personalization, utilities have new roles to fulfill for their consumers beyond being a reliable and affordable supplier of…

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Cleveland Public Power renews Consumer Engagement Program Powered by Brilliency

Cleveland, Ohio (January 18, 2019) – The City of Cleveland recently renewed a multi-year contract between Cleveland Public Power (CPP) and Cleveland-based tech company Brilliency, thus continuing CPP’s innovative consumer engagement program, MyCPP.

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Our month-end utility customer messaging

We look forward to month-end because it signals the turn of billing cycles, and we get to run numbers. Data in — data analyzed — information out. With our digital consumer engagement platform’s innovative customer segmenting capabilities, we can easily determine:

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Why a mobile app — from the customer’s point of view

We accept that anyone under 40 has a smart phone and data shows even those over 60 are using smart devices at increasing rates.  In the home, tablets and smartphones are replacing desktops.  Smartphones are no longer cost prohibitive to lower-income families.  And Brilliency’s users demonstrate…

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